Wossname grew from a simple observation and a simple thought. The observation: there are many media owners, and every year they experience significant amounts of staff churn. Agencies try manfully to keep tabs on changes but it is a struggle to stay up to date. The thought: what if there were a single repository which agencies could tap into, and into which media owners were happy to input their sales contacts, organised by agency?

Mike Baker



The founder is Mike Baker, who has more than 25 years’ experience of trade marketing in TV, newspapers, magazines and outdoor, most recently as launch CEO of the Outdoor Media Centre. Mike is responsible for developing the Wossname system, meeting the needs of media owners, and optimising the agencies' user experience.

Graham Appleby

Sales Director


The sales powerhouse is Graham Appleby, former media director at Initiative Media and commercial director at Sky Media. Graham is responsible for promoting Wossname to both media owners and agencies, so as to ensure that the system has critical mass.

Matthew Downe

Data Officer


Our Data Officer is Matthew Downe. His key responsibility is the uptake and maintenance of our 1.3million contact records. He has been involved in the development of our mark 2 system and Board to Board product. Perhaps most importantly Matthew is also the chief dispenser of all our merchandise and prizes.

Karen Pearce

Account Director


Karen is in charge of expanding our agency relationships, Karen is a great listener and has extensive contacts on both sides of the fence, having worked at agencies (PHD, BLM) and media owners too (Viacom, Sky). Her challenge is to activate as many users at agencies as possible, including new recruits.